Welcome to Sound Inc

Oh I say, old chaps and chapettes! Drop anchor! You’ve arrived.

Your new oasis and it’s thriving musical community are ready to welcome you in.

Gone are your days of travelling the seven seas and looking for your perfect island.

You’ve ruddy found us!

What we do

We provide top specification, all-inclusive rehearsal studios with a huge variety of other musician-centric services.

Our goal is to ensure that our musicians have everything they might possibly need under one roof, and to continue expanding our services to more musicians.

Whether you’re looking to book your first band rehearsal ever, or you’re a seasoned band looking to prepare for a world tour - Sound INCredible doing it.

How we do it

We’re based at Costa-Del-Blaydon (Blaydon-on-Tyne) and what makes us different is our reputation for being the friendliest, cleanest and outright best studio around.

We set up camp in 2007 and since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide the cutting edge of rehearsal spaces for the North of England.

We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere, our commitment to our customers and (of course) our stonking cups of tea.

We can’t wait to show you.

The Lineup

Team Staff Luke at Sound Inc Studios


Age: 30 Height: 6'2" Skills: Best cuppas in the world, fact Fave Band: The Offspring Fave Solo Artist: Frank Turner Fave Gig: Deaf Havana @ Roundhouse Fave Sound: Ice being dropped into water

Team Staff George at Sound Inc Studios


Age: 25 Height: 6'3" Skills: 4th dan black belt in recording music
 Fave Band: Incubus
 Fave Solo Artist: John Mayer
 Fave Gig: Florence and the Machine @ Arena
 Fave Sound: A freshly boiled kettle

Team Staff Lewis at Sound Inc Studios


Age: 20
 Height: 6'3" Skills: Friendliness comparable to Pikachu
 Fave Band: Architects
 Fave Solo Artist: Kendrick Lamar
 Fave Gig: Bullet For My Valentine @ The O2
 Fave Sound: Any kind of knuckle cracking

Team Staff Lewis at Sound Inc Studios


Age: 109 Height: 1'5" Skills: Sailing three-masted navy vessels. Baking. Fave Band: Baha Men Fave Solo Artist: Snoop Dogg Fave Gig: Elvis Presley @ Pontiac Silverdome 1976 Fave Sound: Trampoline springs in the rain.

The Ethos

The Island of Sound Inc was discovered by Captain Mason back in 2007. He settled and was chieftain of the island for many years. His founding principles of no hidden charges for island visitors and providing the cleanest and best equipped dwellings possible for his tribe were passed on to his successor, island resident Luke.

Our Ethos has always been one of a supportive and safe environment for our musicians. Our goal is, and always will be, to give musicians everything they need to be able to fast track their success in the music industry. Great sounding studios, well maintained gear, a huge variety of music stock and the hire equipment are essential, but peripheral to our overarching goal of providing an environment that stimulates joy and success.

The Tribe

The Tribe on the island was sceptical at first, having been to many similar islands and not finding the right resources for them to flourish. Captain Mason toiled in his setting up of the encampment. Hammocks became huts and huts became dwellings, as more and more luxuries were procured and facilities built, The Tribe slowly and surely grew.

Our Tribe is an amazing group of musicians. Our musicians range from traditional cover bands through to solo artists writing original music. Heavy metal moshers to acoustic duos. Solo drummers through to nine member jazz bands. All of the aforementioned add to our rich tapestry and our history of being part of the North East’s thriving music scene. The best bit is that there’s always room for more, and to top it off - you’re invited.

The Pipe Dream

After the saddening departure of Captain Mason, the emerging leader: Chieftain Luke, steered The Tribe to further prosperity. Dwellings were beautified and upgraded further. A steady food supply was ensured by the construction of The Snack Shack. The Trading Post was built and became a bastion of musical commerce for all tribe members. INC cables was conceived and provided necessary exports for The Tribe to begin thinking about their long term future.

As the tribe and their chieftains celebrated and sang around the fire at sundown each day, they wondered what the future held for them.

The Pipe Dream is to be around forever so that we might continue serving Our Tribe and contributing to the local music scene. We wish to continue pushing the boundaries and breaking the stereotypes of what to expect from a humble music studio. We aim to be bold, innovative and industry leading in everything that we do.

We hope that we’ll always be here to help you SOUND INCredible.