Booking Form LIVE

May 12, 2019

Sound Inc launches online bookings

We have deployed our online booking form – and can’t wait to show you!

We’ve really tried our best to make this booking form intuitive and user-friendly. The time has almost come to put it out into the world wide web.
Our booking system will be released slowly, in phases, which are detailed below.

PHASE 1 — (14/6/19 – 24/6/19)

Phase 1 will see the booking form become visible, but blocked out (as if fully booked) until the beginning of Phase 2. During phase 1 our customers will be able to become familliar with the online booking form and if they have an organised band; start to book their phase 2 rehearsals.

PHASE 2 — (24/6/19 – 31/8/19)

Phase 2 will see musicians able to book, cancel and manage their own bookings in real time. The website will not require advance payment, so the option to “pay with cash / card on the day” will be the only checkout option.

This phase is so our bands can get comfortable with browsing our availability and managing their upcoming bookings.

PHASE 3 — (1/9/19 – ONWARDS)

Phase 3 will see online payments become mandatory for everyone but our weekly customers. Special links will be given to our block bookers so they can book large volumes of rehearsals without paying up front. Promotional codes will be generated for customers who qualify for cheaper rates (e.g. solo artists).

More details on phase 3 will surface closer to the time.


This will make the lives of our customers easier, and to standardise our booking procedure.

It will now be easy for our customers to see what we have available. It also means that you can now organise and check your rehearsals at any time of day.

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