Spring bookings are open!

February 18, 2020
Our booking form has become available to book between now and the end of May.
Block Bookings have been entered into our system too.

Sound Inc – Spring has sprang.

Sound Inc has lots to tell, our new Community Update is here with info on the friendliest, cleanest and best equipped band practice room complex in Newcastle / Gateshead and the North East, UK

With the imminent return of creme eggs and EB, we’ve opened up our booking form right through until the end of May for all of our ravenous musos ready to make noise. Alongside this, all of our beautiful block bookings have been filled in right through to the end of May too (check your email confirmations block bookers).

We’ve got plenty of new surprises this year. 2020 has already seen brand new Blackstar Silverline 100watt guitar heads added to the studios with promises of more impovements / gear on the way. Keep tabs on our blog to find out more.

Other improvements have included continuing to make improvements to the website functionality and user friendliness. The recent update saw the text on the last page of the booking form changed with some behind-the-scenes bug fixes too. Future updates will include a better cancellation button in the confirmation emails and a fix for the annoying issue of landing at the bottom of this page every time you click the checkout button.

If you’ve not booked in yet, jump to it or you’ll miss out.
Bookings at this time of year can dissapear in the blink of an eye!


Thanks for reading our community update.
The kettle will be waiting for you.

See you soon,
Sound Inc.

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T: 0191 4145574
M: 07903 026985
E: info@soundinc.co.uk
W: soundinc.co.uk

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