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We are very sad to say that we will be closing for the third National Lockdown.

After speaking to the Musicians Union, we were advised that while we could
technically stay open, we should consider carefully the spirit of this lockdown and the
potential negative impacts on our local area should we opt to remain open.

Cases in Gateshead have skyrocketed in the past week.
We feel that the right thing to do is to protect our customers, staff and local NHS
services by closing our doors until the National Lockdown is lifted.

We can’t wait for this to be over and to share a cuppa with you all.

Team Sound Inc
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What's Included?

Within the price of your rehearsal studio hire, everything necessary for a typical band rehearsal is included. You will find a professional active PA system with industry standard SM58 Microphones, Drum Kit with full Iron Cobra hardware + felts (minus cymbals), two guitar stacks and one bass stack. More amplifiers are available at no extra cost if needed, but we recommend informing the studio prior to your arrival if this is the case.


Extras like instrument cables, straps, extensions and aux leads are available to borrow from reception for a refundable deposit of £5 per studio.

Creature Comforts

We have some handy items for hire to make your job easier. Please notify Sound Inc in advance if you require any of creature comforts alongside your studio booking.


Cymbal Pack = £1.50 per hour*

Stage Piano = £2.50 per hour**

Double kick pedal = £1.00 per hour***

Guitar / Bass = £1.00 per hour****

Drumsticks = 50p per hour


* Zildjian S series, (14” hats, 16” crash, 18” crash, 20” ride) capping at £6 per rehearsal

** Roland RD-700sx with footpedal capping at £10 per rehearsal

*** DW 5000 double kick pedal, capping at £4 per rehearsal

**** Various models and makes, capping at £4 per rehearsal per instrument

Cancellation Policy

Sound Inc has a 48 hour cancellation policy in place. If you need to cancel, shorten or change the date of your booking, your will need to give at least 48 hours notice before the beginning of your booking. Upon booking a Sound Inc rehearsal, it is expected that you are aware of, and agree to, our cancellation charges.


Under normal circumstances, our cancellation fees are as follows:


Between 48 and 12 hours notice: 1/2 price refund
Less than 12 hours notice: No refund

Due to COVID-19, we have severe operational limitations, and have had to adjust the above police to the following:

Less than 48 hours notice: No refund

We hope that our customers understand that this is a necessary policy designed to keep Sound Inc here as a service to the musicians in the North East.

Please also note that any booked, but unused studio time will not be eligible for any degree of refund (e.g. finishing early or turning up late).

In / Out Policy

Sound Inc can be extremely busy during peak times. We ask anyone using our rehearsal facilities to ensure that they are beginning their pack down at least 5 minutes before the end of their rehearsal.


When using our facilities, you and your equipment should be outside the studio before the end of your booking.

Using your own equipment

You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, provided that anything that required PAT testing has a PAT testing certificate less than 12 months old. By bringing your own equipment to Sound Inc, we assume that the given equipment has a valid PAT test certificate.


There is no reduction in studio fees for bringing your own equipment, but you may save yourself from spending extra on creature comforts (e.g. by bringing your own cymbals).

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