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We are accepting bookings for working / professional musicians ONLY until May 16th.
We are accepting bookings for ALL musicians from May 17th.
May 17th to May 23rd is now available to book.

If the unlocking proceeds as expected on May 17th,
May 24th to June 20th will become available to book.

Thank you for your understanding,

Team Sound Inc

General COVID restrictions on-site - PLEASE READ

Our COVID-19 restrictions have been drawn up to protect everyone on-site.
The following restrictions are general, and apply to the full site.

1. If you are experiencing any official COVID-19 symptom, you MUST NOT enter the building.

2. Masks must be worn in public areas of the building, and we would encourage you to remain masked up, even during rehearsals.

3. Social distancing is required on-site. You must maintain a 1m distance when masked, and a 2m distance if unmasked in your studio. Please be compassionate to other customers, and be courteous when moving around the space.

4. The rule of 6 applies to your booking. Some studios have lower COVID capacities too, please check that your studio can safely cater for your group.

5. You must sanitize your hands each time you enter Sound Inc, and we would encourage you to sanitize regularly on site.

6. Stay in your room once you have loaded in. You should only leave your studio one at a time, and have a 10 second gap between members who are leaving.

7. No Alcohol is permitted on-site (not even one tinny each).

8. Food must be eaten outside the premises.

9. The kitchen is for staff use only. You will not be able to refill water bottles on site, but we do have a small selection of beverages available for purchase.

How COVID will affect your booking - PLEASE READ

Our COVID-19 restrictions have been drawn up to protect everyone on-site.
The following restrictions are specific to your customer experience and your use of the studios.

1. Microphones are NOT provided due to hygiene concerns. They’re obviously one of the main potential contamination points on site. We ask customers to bring their own microphones where they’re able to, or purchase one of our basic mics for £10.

2. Additional cables may or may not be available depending on quarantine / cleaning of our existing stock. Please check your gig bags and make sure you’ve got everything before you head to practice. If you’re totally stuck or have a breakage, we have basic instrument cables for sale for £5.

3. Hot beverages and the kitchen in general aren’t available for customer use until further notice. We normally love making you all a cuppa and stopping for a chat, but chin-wagging over a brew isn’t on the menu just yet.

4. Plastic screens are now in all of our open studios. They’ll be keeping you all separated and safe, preventing contamination as best they can.

5. Staggered and limited rehearsal availability is currently in place so we can prevent a build up of customers anywhere on-site and prevent different bubbles of musicians from bumping into one another. We know that our 3 hour slots aren’t ideal for everyone, but we’ve got your best interests at heart.

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What's included?

Within the price of your rehearsal studio hire, everything necessary for a typical band rehearsal is included. You will find a professional active PA system with industry standard SM58 Microphones, Drum Kit with full Iron Cobra hardware + felts (minus cymbals), two guitar stacks and one bass stack. More amplifiers are available at no extra cost if needed, but we recommend informing the studio prior to your arrival if this is the case.


Extras like instrument cables, straps, extensions and aux leads are available to borrow from reception for a refundable deposit of £5 per studio.

Creature Comforts

We have some handy items for hire to make your job easier. Please notify Sound Inc in advance if you require any of creature comforts alongside your studio booking.


Cymbal Pack = £1.50 per hour*

Stage Piano = £2.50 per hour**

Double kick pedal = £1.00 per hour***

Guitar / Bass = £1.00 per hour****

Drumsticks = 50p per hour


* Zildjian S series, (14” hats, 16” crash, 18” crash, 20” ride) capping at £6 per rehearsal

** Roland RD-700sx with footpedal capping at £10 per rehearsal

*** DW 5000 double kick pedal, capping at £4 per rehearsal

**** Various models and makes, capping at £4 per rehearsal per instrument

Cancellation Policy

Sound Inc has a 48 hour cancellation policy in place. If you need to cancel, shorten or change the date of your booking, your will need to give at least 48 hours notice before the beginning of your booking. Upon booking a Sound Inc rehearsal, it is expected that you are aware of, and agree to, our cancellation charges.


Under normal circumstances, our cancellation fees are as follows:


Between 48 and 12 hours notice: 1/2 price refund
Less than 12 hours notice: No refund

Due to COVID-19, we have severe operational limitations, and have had to adjust the above police to the following:

Less than 48 hours notice: No refund

We hope that our customers understand that this is a necessary policy designed to keep Sound Inc here as a service to the musicians in the North East.

Please also note that any booked, but unused studio time will not be eligible for any degree of refund (e.g. finishing early or turning up late).

In / Out Policy

Sound Inc can be extremely busy during peak times. We ask anyone using our rehearsal facilities to ensure that they are beginning their pack down at least 5 minutes before the end of their rehearsal.


When using our facilities, you and your equipment should be outside the studio before the end of your booking.

Using your own equipment

You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, provided that anything that required PAT testing has a PAT testing certificate less than 12 months old. By bringing your own equipment to Sound Inc, we assume that the given equipment has a valid PAT test certificate.


There is no reduction in studio fees for bringing your own equipment, but you may save yourself from spending extra on creature comforts (e.g. by bringing your own cymbals).

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