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Sound Inc has been an oasis for many since we opened way back in 2007. We know that the journey is the important thing, and that a direction is often better than a destination.
Our mission is to ensure that making music is inclusive, and easy. We aim to increase access to music across the board and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what the humble practice space can be and mean.
We aim to provide a cultural hub to our users, one that brings together the many elements of the amazing world of music and concentrates them.
Our long-term goal is to grow into a facility which is able to compete on the world stage in its offerings and community benefit. This organisation would incorporate and provide everything that a person would need to progress from a complete beginner to a working professional in several fields of the music industry. The facility would have a focus on local and regional impact, musical education and transferrable skill building.
Be a part of our mission by using our services and becoming part of our story today.
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