An illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story


After the saddening departure of Captain Mason, the emerging leader: Chieftain Luke, steered The Tribe to further prosperity. Dwellings were beautified and upgraded further. A steady food supply was ensured by the construction of The Snack Shack. The Trading Post was built and became a bastion of musical commerce for all tribe members. INC cables was conceived and provided necessary exports for The Tribe to begin thinking about their long term future.
As the tribe and their chieftains celebrated and sang around the fire at sundown each day, they wondered what the future held for them.
The Pipe Dream is to be around forever so that we might continue serving Our Tribe and contributing to the local music scene. We wish to continue pushing the boundaries and breaking the stereotypes of what to expect from a humble music studio. We aim to be bold, innovative and industry leading in everything that we do.
We hope that we’ll always be here to help you SOUND INCredible
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