Happy new year, WE’re OPEN!

Happy New Year / Tier 4 everyone.
It’s been a very different Christmas, and we woke up on Boxing Day in Tier 4, but the good news is that Sound Inc is OPEN and we’re rocking a brand new website thanks to the EU “SME Restart and Recovery” fund.

Our online bookings are due to go live again any day now, but for the time being, please get in touch via email / phone or text to book in.

According to the MU guidelines, which we have been advised to follow upon every Tier change, Sound Inc can legally open for professional / working musicians during Tier 4. Their latest information can be found here:

Previously, in Tier 3, we were able to accept non-professional clients so long as they were members of the same household, but in Tier 4, we can no longer do this.

If you have any questions regarding Tier 4 or how we’re operating right now, please contact the studio.

T: 0191 4145574
M: 07903 026 985

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