According to the Performing Arts Guidelines: only professional and working musicians should be rehearsing in COVID secure venues during Tier 3 lockdown.

Gateshead Council and Liz Twist MP’s office say that their: “understanding of the term ‘work’ in this context, would be any activity which is done with a view to receiving some form of remuneration.”

The Musician’s Union say: “A professional would be seen as anyone that undertakes work as a musician for income. This may include people that aren’t currently able to take up paid opportunities but need to continue to rehearse to remain at a professional level. Professional musician could cover everything from an orchestral player, a music teacher, a session musician, bands that perform paid gigs at venues, covers bands, singer songwriters, electronic musicians, wedding bands and everything in between. It is up to an individual to determine whether or not they earn an income from music.”

We can’t advise anyone on whether they can or can’t attend, all we can do is provide you with the information for you to make your own decisions.

Our MP’s office also added that they “would consider the MU (Musician’s Union) as reliable for providing guidance.”

So we would advise anyone who is unsure of whether they are professional / a working musician or not, to contact the MU and have a discussion.

More MU advice can be found here: and here:

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