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Studio 1 is our biggest studio and benefits from tonnes of natural light and a clear room sound.
Featuring all inclusive gear from Marshall, Orange, Blackstar, Ampeg, Tama, RCF and Shure.

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Studio 1 is a first floor rehearsal studio in Newcastle / Gateshead with an airy and clear sound – and full natural light.
This space is the largest that we have on offer, with 320sq feet of professionally treated studio for you to enjoy.
The room is heavily soundproofed from the other studios on site, and is based in the west wing of the building.
Studio 1 was the first studio to be completed at Sound Inc, entering the world in May 2007.
Since then she’s hosted thousands of bands, and her walls resonate with the music of the past.

At Sound Inc – we want to make sure you’re using the best gear in the best environment. As such, Studio 1 is kitted out with modern equipment from great brands.
Marshall, Blackstar, Orange, Boss, Ampeg, Tama, RCF and Shure all feature in the equipment lineup and all are serviced to the highest standard.
All of our equipment is PAT tested annually, and repairs are made whenever necessary.

Our rehearsal studios in Newcastle are all inclusive, which means that all main equipment is included in the cost of the studio hire.
Sound Inc was the first rehearsal studio in the North East of England to adopt this model back in 2007, and it’s here to stay.
From the mixing desk and PA system, right through to speaker cables – all is provided.
The only piece of equipment we do not include as standard are Cymbals – but each studio has a Zildjian ‘S’ series cymbal set that can be hired at the great value price of £1.50 per hour.
Check our the cymbals we stock here:

We know that rehearsal studios need to be comfortable, but stand up to the rigors of band use, our spaces are durable and designed with you in mind.
Studio 1 is an excellent choice for bands needing a rehearsal studio in the Newcastle / Gateshead area.
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1000w PA system 3 x SM58 Microphones (more available) Tama Imperialstar drumkit – 22, 14snr, 12, 13, 16 Tama Roadpro hardware – kick, hats, snr, 3x boom Zildjian ‘S’ Cymbals – 14 hats, 16 + 18 crash, 20 ride (+£1.50 p/h) Marshall 1960a 4×12 guitar cab Marshall AVT150 guitar head Orange HP8 4×12 guitar cab Orange CR120 guitar head Marshall JCM900 4×12 guitar cab Marshall AVT50 guitar head Ampeg SVT Heritage 8×10 bass cab Ampeg SVT-3pro bass head


320 square feet

Ground Floor: No


6 comfy, 7 cosy, 8+ squishy


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